Ear Hook V-shaped Reusable Face Mask

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Are you tired of that unaesthetic double chin? Don't worry, you are not alone...

What's the benefits can this V-shape mask provided for you

  • Natural ingredients

  • Moisturizing effect

  • Makes you look younger

How Long These Take To Get Results?

  • After 2-3 Weeks of the Usage, Our Customers Started Seeing Results. You Can See the Results in the Reviews.
  • Our Skin Specialists Recommend Continuing Using This Mask For 6 to 12 Months to Get Your Face in Perfect Shape.
  • Results Are Seen After First Time You Use but We Recommend Using For At least 6 Months for Still Better Results.


How To Use?

It is very simple to use. After washing your face, hang the mask onto your ears and leave it there for 30-45 minutes. The ingredients it contains are natural and people with sensitive skin can use them too! 

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